About DUFS

Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS) is one of the pioneers of film society movement in Bangladesh. With great success, it still holds the reputation of being one of most active film societies of the country.

DUFS is a student organization of the University of Dhaka. With a motto of “Better Film, Better Viewers”, DUFS believes in the strength of Film as a massive art and communication media. It believes that better films can create better people and thus can make the world more serene and creative. Thus this cultural organization is working for a better humanitarian world using Film as a tool to change the society.

DUFS, as an active film society, organizes festivals, open screenings, World Film Manifestation Programs (WFMP); arranges seminars, meetings, film courses; celebrates national days (Independence day, Victory day), World Film Screening day, as well as do some other responsibilities as a film society.

DUFS has a regular publication; a film journal named ‘Flashback’. Flashback can be found at DUFS office, or at different book shops of Aziz Super Market, Shahbag, Dhaka.