About DUFS

Dhaka University Film Society also known as DUFS is a voluntary students’ organization, centered at the heart of the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Working with the motto “Better Films, Better Viewers”, DUFS is considered as one of the pioneering film society movement in Bangladesh.

DUFS is the only such organisation at University of Dhaka and affiliated with the Dhaka University Central Student’s Union (DUCSU). It is registered under the Film Societies Act and a member of Federation of Film Societies, Bangladesh (FFSB). DUFS is also registered with the Bangladesh Film Censor Board.

Originally established in 1962, the organization faced some ups and downs on its way and was re-established in 1991 with a new look, broader view and standard structure.From then to date, the organisation’s main mission is to create viewers of good movies with good taste.

As a part of its mission, DUFS have successfully organised many film oriented programmes such as – film festivals, appreciation courses, seminars, workshops, rallies, retrospectives and so on. World Film Manifestation Programme (WFMP) is one of its successful programmes with over 400 movie screenings. Some of the major regular festivals of DUFS are ‘AmaarBhasarCholocchitro’, ‘International Inter University Short Film Festival’ and ‘Film For Fresher’s’.

The regular festivals are ‘Amar BhasarCholocchitro’, ‘International Inter-University Short Film Festival’ (IIUSFF), ‘Film For Fresher’s’. Amar BhasarCholocchitro is the only film festival of it’s kind, organised by DUFS, which celebrates the International Mother Language Day, February 21 every year as a tribute to the martyrs of the 1952 Language Movement. The other regular festival International Inter-University Short Film Festival is not only a festival which gives viewers the opportunity to enjoy short films, it is also a great platform for young independent filmmakers to promote and screen their films. Filmmakers can submit their films in two categories – competition and panorama.

DUFS, as an active film society, organizes festivals, open screenings, World Film Manifestation Programs (WFMP); arranges seminars, meetings, film courses; celebrates national days (Independence day, Victory day), World Film Screening day, as well as some other responsibilities as a film society.

DUFS has a regular publication; a film journal named ‘Flashback’.