Dhaka University Film Society


DUFS was established in 1962. The society then faced some ups and downs on its way. In 1991, DUFS has finally re-established, in a new look, with a broader view and complex structure. From then, the major mission of the society is to create viewers of good movies with good taste.

As a part of its mission, DUFS successfully organized various film oriented programs like film appreciation courses, seminars, workshops, rallies, retrospectives, film sessions etc. WFMP is one of its successful programs with more than 400 screenings. Some of its major regular festivals are ‘Amaar Bhasar Cholocchitro’, ‘International Inter University Short Film Festival’ etc.





DUFS organises three or more film festivals every year, with the mission of making better viewers, and thus screen good films.

The regular festivals are

[1] Aamaar Bhasar Cholochchitro

[2] International Inter-University Short Film Festival’ (IIUSFF)

[3] Film For Freshers

DUFS also arranged these festivals so far-

  • First National Film Festival 1994, in collaboration with DUCSU
  • Bangladesh Panorama 1996
  • Science Fiction Film Week 1998
  • Help the Flood Victim 1998
  • War Film Week 1999
  • Oscar Film Week 1999
  • Comedy Film Week 2000
  • Week on Film Classics 2002
  • Animation Film Festival 2005
  • Camera Jokhon Rifle 2007
  • Oporajito, Help the Sidr Victims
  • Durjog Prostuti Bihowok Cholocchitro Utshob 2009( jointly with ActionAid)
  • Boichitrei Jibon 2010 (jointly with NFOWD, in collaboration with SightSavers)
  • Boichitrei Jibon 2013 (jointly with NFOWD, in collaboration with SightSavers)
  • Cholocchitre Humayun Ahmed 2012
  • Football Film Festival 2014
  • Animation Film Festival 2014

[1] Aamaar Bhasar Cholochchitro

Amar Bhasar Cholocchitro is a regular film festival arranged by DUFS to celebrate the International Mother Language Day and also as a tribute to the martyrs of the great language movement. This festival takes place in the month of February.

This festival is the result of the continuation of several past efforts of DUFS, and for those viewers who love watching contemporary and classic Bengali films. DUFS believes, this festival can play a key-role to uphold the spirit of the unique struggle of 1952. As DUFS is concerned with everything related to films, it thinks the best tribute it can express to the great martyrs is, by promoting the better Bengali films.

Here are the titles of all ‘Amar Bhasar Cholocchitro’

  • Cholocchitre Banglar Mukh 2002
  • Satyajiter Cholocchitro 2003
  • Bangla Cholocchitro Utshab 2004
  • Banglar Chobi 2005
  • 50 years of Bangladeshi Film
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 2007
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 2008
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 2009
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1416 (’10)
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1417 (’11)
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1418 (’12)
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1419 (’13)
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1420 (’14)
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1421 (’15)
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1422 (’16)
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1423 (’17)
  • Amar Bhasar Cholochitro 1424 (’18)


[2] International Inter-University Short Film Festival’ (IIUSFF)

International Inter-University Short Film Festival is not only a festival which gives viewers opportunity to enjoy short films, it is also a great platform for young independent film-makers to promote and screen their films. Makers can submit their films in two categories- competition and panorama.


This is the first film festival in Bangladesh, which is an inception of finding talents from the university students and gives them opportunity to screen their films.


Here are the titles of all IIUSFF

  • 1st Inter-University Short Film Festival ’07
  • 2nd International Inter-University Short Film Festival ’08
  • 3rd International Inter-University Short Film Festival ’09
  • 4th International Inter-University Short Film Festival ’10
  • 5th International Inter-University Short Film Festival ’11
  • 6th International Inter-University Short Film Festival ’13
  • 7th International Inter-University Short Film Festival ’15
  • 8th International Inter-University Short Film Festival ’16
  • 9th International Inter-University Short Film Festival ’17

[3] Film For Freshers

To welcome the freshers of University of Dhaka, DUFS organizes brief film sessions of two or three days upholding the slogan ‘Better Film Better Viewers’. The freshers are invited to enjoy the contemporary and classic movies at free of cost.


Titles of previous Film For Freshers are

  • Film For Freshers 2000
  • Film For Freshers 2001
  • Film For Freshers 2003
  • Film For Freshers 2005
  • Film For Freshers 2006
  • Film For Freshers 2008
  • Film For Freshers 2009
  • Film For Freshers 2013
  • Film For Freshers 2014
  • Film For Freshers 2015

Regular Events


World Film Manifestation Program (WFMP) was initiated to give film-geeks an opportunity to watch rare and classic world films in big screen. This program is being arranged in a regular basis in collaboration with different cultural centers of different embassies.


DUFS so far arranged WFMP in collaboration with Goethe Institute, Russian Center of Science & Culture (aka RCC), Alliance Françoise, Indira Gandhi Cultural Center, Iranian Cultural Center and Edward M Kennedy Center (aka EMK center).

On 8-9 November, 2013, DUFS celebrates the 100th episode of this program.


Study Circle

Every Thursday 3.00 pm (other than university is close), there is a study circle arranged exclusively by DUFS, in the society’s room at TSC. One of the DUFSian is selected by DUFS to conduct the circle. He himself can give the main speech, or invite someone to give the speech, who has specialty in the related sectors of film.


So far, DUFS organized many seminars as follows

  • 50 Years of the Screening of Pother Panchali, 2005
  • Digital Cinema: New Technology & New Talents, 2007
  • Seminar on ‘Political Movement and Its Impact on Films: Bangladesh Perspective’, with Janet Wasco, Morshedul Islam, Manjare Hasin Murad, Dr. Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan, 2012
  • Seminar on ‘I Want to Hear What You Hear’, with Mohammed Reza Delpak, Shireen Pasha, 2013



So far, DUFS organised many workshops as follows

  • 1st Film Workshop ’94
  • 2nd Film Workshop ’95
  • 3rd Film Workshop ’96
  • 4th Film Workshop ’97
  • 5th Film Workshop ’04
  • Film Appreciation Course ’00
  • Short Course on Basic Photography ’01
  • Film Appreciation Course ’02
  • Film Orientation Course ’03
  • Film Appreciation Course ’04
  • Script Writing Course ’07
  • Lighting & Digital Cinematography Workshop ’08
  • Film Appreciation Course ’10
  • Film Appreciation Course ’11
  • Film Appreciation Course ’12
  • Film Appreciation Course ’13
  • Film Appreciation Course ’15


World Film Screening Day

To remember the world’s first public screening of motion picture, every year DUFS celebrate on 28th December as ‘World Film Screening Day’ with enthusiasm and festivity. In this day, DUFS usually arrange seminar, discussion and screening.

Independence Day celebration

DUFS celebrate the Independence day of Bangladesh, 16 December, with great joy and festivity. To celebrate the day, DUFS arrange a screening of films upon liberation war. DUFS also lit floating lantern, which becomes an identical part of the day’s celebration at University of Dhaka.


DUFS has a rich library with hundreds of books & magazines on films & film making. Only DUFSians have the access in this library.


Other Screenings

DUFS also arranged some other screenings in different times, as-

  • Sunday German-Bangla Movie Night, jointly with Goethe Institute
  • Posters and Films, jointly with Goethe Institute

Anti-war rally & film screening, 2003, co-organised with Bangladesh Short Film Forum, Asian Art & Cultural Congress