7th Film Workshop

Dhaka University Film Society Presents

7th Film Workshop 2019


This workshop is designed for the upcoming filmmakers of Bangladesh to develop the necessary skills. We are welcoming interested youths from all over the country to join us. If you’re interested in learning the basics of filmmaking and wish to have your idols as your instructors, then why wait any longer? Complete the registration. The seats are limited, So hurry up!


 Inauguration & Director’s Preparation, Story & Script Supervision, Production Design, Hands-On Camera & Lighting, Art Direction, Field Work, Editing, Background Score & Sound Design, Film Aesthetics and many more.


Zahidur Rahim Anjan ( Course Coordinator, Story & Script )

Abu Shahed Emon ( Story & Script )

Rashed Zaman ( Cinematography & Lighting )

Mazharul Raju ( Cinematography & Lighting, Production Design )

Chaitali ( Editing )

Nahid Masud ( Sound )

Ratan Pal ( Sound )

Ranjan Raabbani ( Art Director )

Akram Khan ( Production Design )

& others.

Workshop Schedule

25 July 2019- 10 August


Day 1

(9am – 2pm )

Story & Script

( 3pm – 8pm )

Story Review and Selection

 Day 2

Day Off (Screenplay Writing Assignment)

 Day 3

(9am – 2pm )

Script Development

 Day 4

(9am – 2pm )

Production Design

 Day 5

(9am – 2pm )

Line Producing

( 3pm – 8pm )

Art Direction

 Day 6

Day Off (Assignment Preproduction)

 Day 7

(9am – 2pm )

Cinematography, Lighting

( 3pm – 8pm )

Location Sound

 Day 8

(9am – 2pm )

Pre-production Review

 Day 9

(9am – 2pm )

Film production

 Day 10

Day Off (Reserved day)

 Day 11

(9am – 2pm )


 Day 12

(9am – 2pm )

Editing Review and Music

 Day 13

(9am – 2pm )

Sound Mixing

( 3pm – 8pm )

Color Grading, Visual Effects

 Day 14

(9am – 2pm )

Pitching, Marketing & Distribution

( 3pm – 8pm )

Screening & Final Review

[**Workshop Authority keeps the right to change or rearrange the schedule in any unavoidable circumstances.]


Entrants who will complete the workshop will be divided into two groups and complete a Production each. DUFS will fund these two productions.


Registration Deadline

 20 July 2019

Registration Procedure

 For Physical registration

Visit Dhaka University Film Society office on the 1st floor, TSC, University Of Dhaka.


For online registration


 Selection Procedure

 40 applicants will be selected on the basis of a submitted story or portfolio to participate in the workshop. The selection board reserves the right to rule in its sole discretion to select qualified applicants.


Participation Fee

 The registration fee for the workshop is 1000 BDT

For the students of University of Dhaka, the fee is 500 BDT

 Payment Options

 Participants will be informed about the payment procedure after selection.

 Contact for Details

 Abu Taher Zihadi

Study-circle Secretary

Dhaka University Film Society

Email: abutaherzihadi@gmail.com

Mobile: 01782161146

Terms and Conditions

  • Entrants with past experience and portfolio of the selected sector will be considered with priority.
  • Food and other accessories for the classes will be provided by DUFS.
  • Every registered and regular participant will get a certificate after completing the workshop.
  • Up to 40 participants will be divided into two separate groups. This process will be solely conducted by Dhaka University Film Society. There are 8 departments that the participants can actively take part in. However, under certain circumstances, we reserve the right to assign a participant in any one of the eight departments.
  • All course materials, products, and services including those developed during the duration of the workshop remain the property of Dhaka University Film Society.
  • The Workshop authority reserves the right to rule in its sole discretion, on cases and situations not foreseen by these Terms.