About Us

What is Film Society Movement?

The film society movement dates back to the earlier 20th century when cinema as an art medium and a business industry started to flourish. Some cine-buffs of Paris, France realized the necessity of an organization that would exercise cinema as an art-form. The fundamental practices of a film society include screenings of films which would otherwise not be shown in mainstream cinemas. These film screenings usually have an educational aim, introducing new audiences to different audiovisual works through an organized and prepared program of screenings. A common feature that characterizes a film society is that it arranges discussion sessions on cinema and creates critical text on them.

How We Started?

Film Society Movement in Dhaka University first started its journey in 1962. Mahbub Jamil and Moham­mad Selim were among the chief organizers at that time who led the movement strongly for several years.

In the late 1970s, students formed another organization, named ‘Science Cine Club’. In December 1981, this club arranged a film workshop. Professor Sotish Bahadur and Professor Surendra Chowdhry of Pune Film Institute were among the instructors of that work­shop. Science Cine Club soon became the centre of film-related activities at the University of Dhaka.

In 1991, Film Society Movement in Dhaka University reformed with the name ‘Dhaka University Film Society’. Dr. Mohammad Towhidul Anwar, Chairman of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of the University of Dhaka was the moderator of the society during that time. In 1996, this responsibility was taken by Dr. A A M S Arefin Siddique, the honourable former-Vice-Chancellor of University of Dhaka.

Who We Are?

Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS) is a Dhaka University Central Student’s Union (DUCSU) affiliated organization. It is registered under the Film Societies (Reg) Act 2011 and a member of the Federation of Film Societies, Bangladesh (FFSB). DUFS is also registered with the Bangladesh Film Censor Board.

DUFS is run by students currently studying at the University of Dhaka. It is a voluntary organization. Any individual can engage in the activities of DUFS.

What Are We Doing?

As a part of its mission, DUFS has successfully organized many film oriented programs such as – film festivals, appreciation courses, study-circles, seminars, workshops, rallies, retrospectives and so on. World Film Manifestation Program (WFMP) is one of its successful programs with over 400 movie screenings. Some of the major regular festivals of DUFS are ‘Amar Bhasar Cholochchitro’, ‘International Inter University Short Film Festival (IIUSFF)’ and ‘Film For Freshers’.

Join Us?

Dhaka University Film Society is a voluntary organization. Any film enthusiast can engage in its activities.

However, DUFS recruits members from only the 1st year students of Dhaka University. During the beginning of every year, a call for members is announced. The members are selected through a carefully designed viva procedure.